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Shout Out + Plus Size in the news - Melissa McCarthy & Ashley Stewart don’t like Plus Size...

We're starting with a Shout Out to Nicola and Les, our New Zealand customers for their recent order with us - thanks for your support of The 3 Bears!

Here at The 3 Bears, we are obsessed with finding cool patterns, spunky designs and great fitting tops for men sizes L to 7XL. We help men find the fit and look that’s right for me. We also don’t really care about labels, titles, categories or forcing anyone to call themselves anything. Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn agrees (that's her below):

There needs to be a shift where all sizes can be models so that people can have something to relate to.



Relate to or not, ‘plus size’ – it is a term we have become accustomed to. Previously in our blog we talked about the term and why we used it. It seems Ashley Stewart doesn’t like the term anymore. Neither does Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy who thinks people are obsessed with labels.


Melissa feels the term plus size categorises women unfairly and makes her clothing line marginalised:

... by constantly challenging the phrase hopefully its use will end and correct people who refer to her clothing collection as plus-size, instead reminding them: “I make clothes for women".

We agree in principle – we make clothes for men! Here at The 3 Bears, plus size means anything sized 12 to 24, which comes from the highly regarded PLUS World Magazine.  Plus size is used by The 3 Bears as a technical term. Others use Curvy, Bear and Brawn to identify larger body and fashion styles. Call yourself what you want, you’re still spunky in a 3 Bears shirt!


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