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Nautical Collection Launched, 8Xl in the UK Soars, the VenusDiva Challenge

The 3 Bears has launched its Nautical collection! With a great feel and easy care, each shirt:

  • absorbs moisture 
  • transfers body perspiration away from the skin 
  • breathable and lightweight
  • tear resistant 
  • shrink resistant
  • quick drying 
  • comfortable

Each of the T-shirts has a crewneck neckline and we believe you'll love the feel of the shirts on your body. How we feel in our clothes is important. 

 In May we will be launching our 4XL to 10XL range  across all our collections and just in time, as  according to the Daily Mail, demand for 8XL and  more has significantly increased by men to retailers.

 Specialty shops and outlets are being set up to  cater for this demand, so The 3 Bears is ready to  serve this need.

Remember, you don't have to drive to the store with The 3 Bears Online - check out all our collections right here.

Venus Diva has jumped into the debate about the term plus size and in a well worded and balanced post has challenged us all to "create think pieces that go beyond the moment". We like the intention of Venus Diva's challenge, as it reminds us to be thoughtful and go beyond what people are saying right now. Across the world people are getting larger. People of different sizes and sexes are being represented in the media, modelling, fashion shoots and in movies. Representation is one thing; acknowledging talent for its own sake is deeper. Let's encourage, welcome, champion and celebrate every person regardless of their gender, size, colour, faith or location. Let's be creative in the way we express our thoughts and challenge ourselves and others in the way we speak - challenge them by speaking LIFE not DEATH to their spirits. The power of what we say is enormous. How we say things can have an even greater impact. It is also important to recognise how we speak to ourselves, may be the most important conversation we have each day and throughout our lives.

This is The 3 Bears challenge - speak LIFE into our conversations with others and the conversations we have with our own spirit.



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