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Nino Llanera - LA Men's Style Examiner - Plus Size Men's Clothing Advocate

Congratulations on your role as the LA Men's Style Examiner for
As a founder of The 5th Element Magazine and hosting how do you find the time to get everything done?

Since everything gels together as far as everything being related to Entertainment and Media all it takes is a little organization and time management.  I feel in this industry you have to have your hands in multiple platforms to stay relevant and keep your brand alive.
In your recent article on (Not you ordinary big and tall) you challenge the establishment to “take note and realise that there is a new and younger plus size gentlemen that is ready for a change in the industry.” What are some of the changes that this younger, plus size demographic are looking for?

I feel that the younger, plus size gentlemen have their eye on the trends.  They are looking for options that are more contemporary that fit the aesthetic they want to represent.  Big and Tall clothing in specialty retailers are very safe and straight to the books.  If Forever 21 and H&M have a plus size section for women, why not have one for men?
There seems to be a lot of buzz about plus size women in the media – e.g. Ashley Graham – but only one real news item about guys, that being Zach Miko signed as a male model. What should be said, that is being missed by the media?

I definitely feel we are underrepresented.  Maybe it's because not until recently the plus size male community has began to embrace themselves.  More so than ever we now see men being proud of their body type and owning it as best they can.  I salute blogs like Chubstr and clothing lines like The 3 Bears and Oublier for giving us a platform and choices in what we can wear.  I think if we continue to voice out our presence just as our beautiful plus size sisters we will garner the media attention we deserve. 
Who are your fashion influencers and how would you describe your personal style?

My style influences are Pharrell Williams, Jeff Staple, Jerry Lorenzo and Jian DeLeon to name a few.  I also take a peep at Instagram and do my usual searches for #BigAndTall #PlusSizeMaleFashion #BigAndTallGents to see what and how my fellow plus size brethren are rocking their latest outfits.  I find my style to be urban and street, comfy chic.
What do you think of The 3 Bears designs and our vision for plus size men's clothing?
What The 3 Bears conveys in their vision is how every retailer should be thinking.  We are all not "one size fits all" and not everyone is within sample size range.  The designs that come out of The 3 Bears is fashion forward and has a great graphic edge that we don't get to see in too many men's plus size clothing brands. The feel of the brand is youthful and it's bold patterns in the designs can one day give them a recognizable look when out in the market.

If you could host an After Show interview of your choice, who would it be and why?

I would love to interview Rachel Bloom of The CW Network's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  She is not only a comedic genius but she has also opened doors to diversify casting on television.  She has broke down the barriers of race and body image in main stream entertainment on a prime time show.
How important is social media to the growth of your online presence and career?

Social media has been an important factor in my career growth.  With social media you get to be the boss to your own brand image.  It allows you to connect with an audience immediately and garner followers who are interested in the same things you are.  It's also a great way to show the bigger companies that your brand can rank in numbers and pull in an audience. Also the best part of it all it's FREE! You choose to make the most of it and strategise the best way to use the platforms.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years I hope to have made a jump in my career in entertainment and media.  I am working towards building up my skills and my brand to work as an entertainment personality on network television or digitally through an established new media network.  I also hope to help break down the barriers of a plus size male personality in mainstream entertainment. It's going to be an uphill battle but I am ready for the challenge.
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