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3Bears Shirts - The Wicking Way!

Keeping the moisture away - freedom of activity

For us bigger guys, we want to work out, live life fully and stay away from the sweat-drenched T-Shirts of the olden-days. All our 3Bears shirts are made of  lightweight polyester fabric.

Why? Because it wicks moisture. This means it pulls away the moisture from our bodies and allows us to keep working out, hangout in the sun, play with the kids, run on the beach or play sports with our friends without wearing a sweat-drenched top. One of the many benefits of the 3Bears designs is the relaxed fit - it allows for comfort and movement - our shirts stretch comfortably

From personal experience we know, these shirts are made of some of the best moisture management material available.

Go hard. Be big. Go 3bears!

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The right FIT

Unlike other shirts that fit too snug and cause us real men discomfort, 3Bears shirts are for those in search for a perfect fit. Not too snug, not too baggy. We can move freely, with full movement and no rashes from the arms dragging or scraping against our skin due to the tightness created by wetness. The 3Bears polyester is both breathable, lightweight and it keeps a consistent feel & temperature against your skin. 

Wearing the3Bears Loyal range, 630+ calories. Go Hard. Go 3Bears. Quick dry shirts, the fit and look that's right!

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YOU deserve the CHOICE

Bigger guys are often restricted to the largest shirts in the retail store; these are usually an afterthought of the stockist, the leftovers or have a reduced range of designs. The 3Bears exclusively sizes L to 10XL, maintaining the wicking fabric that is comfortable, cool and pulls moisture from the body, allowing our bodies to retain an even temperature. Yes, we bigger guys can enjoy being active!

As always, 3Bears gives you the best quality possible, at a great price. Grabbing more than one shirt - 2 or 3 - means shipping is actually cheaper than buying just one overall. Email us now, send us your size and the link to your shirt choice. We've got you covered :-)

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