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This dream has been in the making for just under a year, toying with the idea at first, I wasn't sure where to make a start.

I began where most people would, at least that's I what think. Research - I stalked countless plus size clothing stores, read great blogs about plus size industry, googled and searched as many different ways you could describe plus size clothing, read through online magazines, talked to friends and family, discovered the beauty of Pinterest & Flipbook and then said to myself, "Ok, enough with the stalling already! It's time". 

Once I decided on my target audience, plus size woman, I needed a product. So I jumped back into research again and decided that kimonos for plus size woman was the way to go. I began my mission to design the perfect kimono, researching the most flattering fabric patterns, what was new, what was hip, what was lasting and what women wanted. I even thought printing things and putting them on my wall would inspire me; movies always make that stuff look good. 

There were countless prototypes, alot of start-stops. I found things got a little stagnant, my creative flow started to grow stale and I was becoming a little despondent and disheartened from the lack of moving forward. 

While basking in my feelings of defeat, not entirely detached to the dream but definitely feeling sorry for myself, I recall saying to myself, "this is it, this is where this dream will end, with a wardrobe filled with maybes, maybe-nots, almost and definitely-never... all the while exchanging morning messages with my sister overseas (my ability to multitask is always an area of disbelief to my darling husband). My sister mentioned to me, that my nephew has now started to get his clothing custom made, because clothing for his size was getting too expensive and there was not a alot of variety!

Originality & colour was drained out of menswear once men's clothing hit the XL section of the size chart.

Well that was it; it was my jolt forward. Things just got personal. This was the catalyst that I needed. There was a definite shift in gear inside me.

Out of that one multi-tasking moment - my nephew's dilemma in finding affordable, comfortable and trendy basics for his plus size, tall frame. I knew this is where I wanted to be, this is where I wanted to reroute my focus.

So that's where it started for me.

I'm nervous, excited and anxious about starting this. I know all the researching I did was a delay tactic, but it turned out to work in my favor. 

I'm going into this with my eyes wide open, ready with the notion of failing forward. I am certain that I will get my fair share of criticism, so here's what I will say at the get go ... Bring it!. I will use it all as fuel to drive this dream of becoming the No1 company in the world that supplies plus-size clothing basics for men that are affordable, comfortable and trendy. 

Big words you think. Yeah maybe.

But "It's time" to do something with all this creativity that's bubbling inside me, "It's time" to use my gifts, "Its time" to stop worrying about the haters, "Its time" for chasing dreams. 

Stay posted to hear about my journey and the process of learning along the way. 





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