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? size.

Its been almost 2 weeks now since we launched 3Bears. I've decided to take on the advice of the mega giants who have gone before and carved a path for entrepreneurs everywhere, to favour Production over Perfection. 

The last couple of weeks have had me replacing, changing and adjusting things along the way. Which is much like life. 

Constantly adjusting, changing and replacing. rethinking things especially the layout of my furniture. Now I've moved onto 3Bears products and most recently the term "Plus size"

One of the things that have caught my eye recently has been the consistent attention that plus sizes are getting including the whole use of the term "plus size". 

So now I find myself trying to come up with new ways to refer to my clothing line and its all becoming a bit of a conundrum.

There has been an increase in ? size woman being celebrated around the world now, for their gutsy stand on ? size fashion and the need to close the gap in the industry. This is of course been helped along the way, by some celebrities who now use their well earned fame towards creating ? size fashion lines and a voice for the ? size community of followers. 

However the gap still remains to be largely ignored for our ? size men. 

This is definitely something I want to change. Sure its a David & Goliath leap but its doable. Goliath was referred to as a giant, not ? size, maybe I can go with that!

I'm wondering just how bad is it to use the ? size term, I mean for a male. There are countless female bloggers and celebriities on the band wagon against the use of the term, but seriously coming from my perspective as a woman. We do tend to over think things. 

Recently I asked my husband, how he felt about the term and so far he's ok with it. It would be interesting to hear back from men considered to be in the ? size category. 

Our youngest daughter has taken on using the word "stout" to describe a person larger than herself. Does that sound any better? 

Is it a knock to the male self esteem? Is it just another word in a whole list of offensive words that have now become normal? Have we gone completely over board in the wrong direction, like some people are being over the red Starbucks cups? Is there really another word out there that can be used to describe a person who exudes huggable vibes? 

I'm not sure I'm the right person to be answering those questions, let alone be asking them, because as I have mentioned I tend to overthink things and quite frankly I've already offended myself. 




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