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Dressing well for your body type - Starting the New Year off well with plus-size clothing dress-tips from The 3 Bears

plus size mens clothing dress-tips

Happy New Year! There are many articles, blogs and guides online to help plus size women depending on their body type. Sadly, there are too few areas of advice for plus size men's clothing. 

The following are three simple tips to start your New Year off well. You decide which ones might work for you and do let us know how you go with them.

Tip 1: Wear a Single-Breasted Suit

When men wear a double-breasted suit, it makes them look wider and also thicker through the middle. Wearing a single-breasted suit frames a plus-size guy strongly, in a sharp and lean way. 

See Famous Outfits for more cool ideas for the single-breasted suit jacket.

Tip 2: Avoid Formal Shorts Untucked

Wearing dress-down jeans and a smart-casual shirt looks cool and is comfortable. But beware of the formal shirt being worn untucked. Formal shirts have longer front and back sections - tails - that are meant to be tucked in so the shirt pulls tight against the body. When a plus-size man wears a formal shirt untucked, it accentuates the width of the guy; you will look like you've gained weight over night and the shirt will look baggy, crumple easily and be disheveled. Try to tuck in a formal shirt.

Tip 3: Gone are the days of Goofy Ties

Want to make a good impression, look professional and feel sharp? Lose the funny ties. Maybe you've got a kids' celebration or you are going to a Sunday School party - no problem. At all other times leave the funny ties at home. They sit on top of our plus size man stomach, draw attention to our breadth and the first thing noticed will be the Goofy tie.

For more good advice and a nice infographic, check out Life in Italy and Fashion Stork for more good tips.


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