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Pinterest & Popular Pins for Plus Size Men's Clothing - Cool Boards & Pins

Pinterest is a phenomenon. Here are some stats:
  1. 176 million people have signed up, with 100 million active daily
  2. 13% of all US men use Pinterest 
  3. Plus size mens clothing is the fastest growing category  - not sure about that, but seems right to us
  4. 50+ Billion images/pins to search and find some inspiration 

I've never been a fan of Pinterest, until about 4 months ago when we were researching plus size men's clothing, bloggers, retailers, manufacturers, designers... and we came up with so few obvious suppliers or so few that even cared about us.

As a plus size man trying to find clothes online, the challenge was finding clothes that were honest; the sizes on the website never matched the real product that arrived, the sizing stated things such as "US Men's XXL" ended up being Pinnocho's  pyjamas or the body size matched my stomach perfectly... then the arm length stopped just below my elbows.

Pinterest has a massive number of people loading images of clothing, just like Instagram and Facebook, that they like AND most importantly, they really can wear. For plus size men's clothing, it becomes even more helpful as many pinners use categories or tags or name their 'boards' after their images; a board is simply a folder or collection of images on a certain topic, so think of a notice board in your home or office where people place photos related to one topic such as a holiday, project or team outing.

Plus size mens clothing can be found using some of the following hashtag search terms:

#plussizemensclothing #plussizemenswear #plussizeclothing #plussizeboutique #plussize #plussizeshirts #plussizemen

Click the following link to see what the first hashtag search reveals in Pinterest #plussizemensclothing

Alternatively, you can simply type the individual words above, for examples "plus size mens clothing" into Pinterest to find pins (individual images), boards (collections of images) or pinners (people who have saved photos using those search terms).

 So, in the following is one blog that has created some great looking images and those images have been pinned on Pinterest for all to see. Also, we have one pinner's board specifically set up for fashionable plus size men with celebrity inspiration, followed by The 3 Bears Pinterest boards with our latest collections. Finally, because most people think Pinterest is for women that like scrapbooking and not much else... check out The Art of Manliness, a great board from an informative website just for guys.

But first, check out the summary category from Pinterest itself, seen above. 


Famous Outfits is a blog that provides a breakdown of each outfit worn by a celebrity from sports, media and other areas. Their large men's fashion page is updated regularly and has some nice ideas of how to bring different pieces together.

Search for plus size men's fashion brings up a significant number of pins for Famous Outfits style guides. Give it a whirl!

The Chubstr's board is a collation of their site images and followers self-published images. With over 270+ pins, over 1000 followers and a regularly curated website, these real men show what they're wearing now as confident plus size men.

One of the things you'll notice straight away is the confidence of colour and fashion-forward regular guys that embrace their size and use it to their clothing advantage. 

Of course, this post would not be complete without mentioning The 3 Bears boards with a growing collection of not just our outfits, but those we think will inspire you.

In the outfit above, the top is styled from a The 3 Bears Plaid collection, jeans from Orewa Mens and beanie from David Beckham (H&M Mens).

 To bring this post to a close, we need to mention one of the super-pinners "Manly Stuff" with over 3,700 images alone in his Art of Manliness board collection.

This set of plus size men's clothing boards is part of the network from the website of the same name. From style tips to how to build a fort, this pinner is certainly worth a look; ditching your belt and trying suspenders to give a slimmer look is certainly worth a try.

Keep in mind that Pinterest also allows the pinning of videos as well as images. The Lifehacker post seen in the image above if from the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel. 



So, if you've got some time on the train, stuck in traffic or preparing for date night, check out Pinterest for some styling guides and outfit inspiration. Remember to check back here for our latest collection too.

Here is the link to the stats for Pinterest, if you are interested. 


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