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BUG'S LIFE - new collection launched

Be Unique with 3Bears - Like a BUG!

Did you know that grasshoppers have their ears on their tummies? On each side of the first abdominal segment, tucked under the wings, you'll find membranes that vibrate in response to sound waves - this allows the grasshopper to hear the songs of its fellow grasshoppers! Another fun fact is that grasshoppers existed before the dinosaurs. Grasshoppers are found in fossils just like the movie Jurassic Park/World dating before the world's largest beasts! They are unique, just like you are and our 3Bears design just for you.

Our creative, earthy and natural BUG'S LIFE collection (including grasshoppers :-) ) is only available from this blog post and via ordering via:

  • our email "sales"
  • message our Facebook 

All items with a green-tick are in stock, choose your style and let us know your size. 

We will send you a payment link.

Fabric for these tops - we use exclusively a lightweight polyester fabric:

  • absorbs moisture 
  • transfers body perspiration away from the skin 
  • breathable and lightweight
  • tear resistant 
  • shrink resistant
  • quick drying
  • comfortable 

Guess what - beetles just as fascinating as grasshoppers. Out of every 4 living things on the planet, 1 is a beetle and they live everywhere on Earth, from north to south pole. You can wear a 3Bears top wherever you go too!

What better way to wear history and be completely covered - just like grasshoppers and beetles :-)

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