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Wall Street Journal reports "To Lure Plus-Size Shoppers, One Retailer Will Scrap Plus-Size Department"

Meijer is a regional American supercenter chain which was founded in 1934. About half of the company's 200 stores are located in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The chain was ranked No. 19 on Forbes' 2015 list of "America's Largest Private Companies" and Meijer is the 26th-largest retailer in the United States. So, it is big news when they decide to stop segregation. 
When I read the news I thought of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks and her seat on the bus, Martin Lutha King and I have a Dream...  I never really thought of plus size clothing. But to their credit, they have announced they will no more have special racks for plus size clothing at Meijer, according to the Wall Street Journal "Meijer will now have all its clothes, from XS to XXXL, on the same racks."
And why wouldn't they? We are all about clothes that fit and look great, for big guys. Since our store is online we don't have racks, so there is no segregation here! Whatever your preferences, we've got the fit and look that will turn heads while you feel great in a 3Bears top - find a collection that's right for you.

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