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Plus Size Men's Clothing for Every Man!

The 3 Bears is focused on plus size men’s clothing. From great looking T-shirts to smart-casual singlets, our plus size range will inspire and expand the wardrobe of the stylish plus size man.

Our initial focus was plus size clothing in Australia for plus size men and expanded to plus size clothing for me in New Zealand.

Buying plus size clothes online can be a challenge as the sizing is irregular and sometimes erratic. Hence, The 3 Bears places a sizing chart throughout our online store so the plus size mens clothes can be sized perfectly to match the need of a plus size man. 


Originally from New Zealand, Lualima Hansen (Designer & Founder) moved to Jakarta 3 years ago. Due to their Samoan heritage, with strong, muscular bodies, many of the men in her family sought out plus size men’s clothing. Often the range available was limited to sports attire or baggy exercise clothing with bland colours and boring designs. Lualima’s nephew complained about clothing being too tight, expensive or as big as a tent! He became the inspiration for Lualima to create The 3 Bears range of  plus size men’s clothing that is both fashionable, affordable and readily available.

 By recreating the present season and fashion-forward designs. Lualima has been able to come up with a variety of different designs to suit every plus size man. With many more planned collections in the pipeline. Check out the range of plus size mens clothing at The 3 Bears Online!